Read This Before Submitting Any Video News Release

While it has been a very good thing for you to submit free press releases to help yourself and perhaps your clients gain recognition in the online space, there is another way that is having much more of an impact on audiences these days. What is that thing, you ask? It is a video news release. Before you start to feel nervous about the idea of having to go on camera and read from a podium, read on. You gain lots of different benefits in going this way.

For instance, with a video news release you have the very rare chance to verbalize whatever announcement you have to anyone who clicks on your link. You can write the release just as you would, but you can spice it up with some cool visuals and with you or anyone who is photogenic and who has a good voice speaking to the camera about this news. This is happening with lots of different marketing needs, including in the social media realm.

With a video news release, you also are captivating your audience in a completely different way. No longer do users need to read the press release you have submitted. Even if you decide to