A Quick Guide To Leak Detection Services In Residences – Boston Equator


The most significant aspect of a leak is the first step to identify it. The first step to call leak detection services early is key to avoiding major repairs, and potentially catastrophic consequences.

To detect a leak in your home:
Watch the main water gauge.
Be sure to check the exterior of the pipe to check for pump issues or leaky pipes.
All taps and appliances should be turned off.
After you’ve turned off the main water supply Check to determine if the leak indicator on your watermeter and the sweep hand is operating. If they’re not moving, great!

This indicates that there’s a leak somewhere in your house. It’s common for bathtubs’ drain pipes and showerheads to show signs of leaks. So, it’s recommended that you hire experts to detect leaks. The most commonly used use for PVC pipes is their high pressure. It makes the pipes more prone to leakage.

Verify the connections to your appliance in order to confirm that the leak is not restricted to the washer or dishwasher. As they age, water heater tanks may develop small leaks. This is likely to be the result that water pools around the bottom of your water heater.

If you suspect there’s a problem make an appointment for an inspection through leak detection. The service is offered by all plumbing companies in which their technicians detect leaks using various methods such as audio pipe inspections, video pipes, listening devices, and thermal scanners.

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