The Origins Of The Engagement Ring – InClue

A common symbol of the love of your life. Engagement rings are famous for their unique designs and inclusion of diamonds. They’ve been utilized in wedding ceremonies for many decades. Many people believe they’re made of gold or diamond, it wasn’t until recent times. Where do they come from? has a video called “The History of Wedding and Engagement Rings” which explains the history behind these rings that were made in Egypt as well as Rome. It is believed that the first wedding rings were created from organic materials like hemp, around 3000 years ago in Egypt. Rings made of iron were traded in Ancient Rome on weddings which began the process of using gold in wedding rings. Engagement rings began to take form with modern interlocking designs in the 1500 and 1600s of Europe. Men began to wear wedding rings in the aftermath of WWII to aid in being close to family members and spouses while in the field. Although they’ve had different shapes across the years and are now a tradition of affection. The rings can be worn either on the left or righthand, they’ve stood up to the test of time as a sign of love and commitment. d56ydos9kv.

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