Building the Perfect Video Press Release

A video news release example can help you refine your own free press releases. In fact, it may help create a viral quality that gets even more exposure than you originally anticipated in your press releases.

Any press release, even the video news release examples have to follow a certain structure to be effective at driving attention and traffic to your business. First, following the video news release examples, you should highlight the main topic of the news release.

You can build on this in your video news release example with content that highlights your expertise and previous related experience for the product or service highlighted. While this might need to be a fairly short part of the release, it provides some much needed credibility to your claims and presentations. Think of it as a way to instantly get your brand across to the potential viewers.

When you dig into the main content of the video news release examples, you should devote adequate content to the benefits and features that matter to the intended audience. As you go through the various features and benefits, make sure that you highlight how this will really help your audience. It pays to remember the old adage that people are not shopping for a shovel, but they are looking to make holes. When you break down your product and service you can look at how it impacts your audience.

Once you have outlined the features and benefits in the body of the press release, you can include a call to action. In the case of a video news release example, that might mean visiting a website or requesting information about an upcoming release. This is the way that your press release has the most impact. If you do not ask for a particular action, you likely will not receive it from viewers.

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