Parking Lot Commercial Fence Installation Walkthrough – Car Stereo Wiring

You must install a commercial parking lot fence all the way from beginning to end. For any business parking lots are one of the top frequented locations. The installation of a parking lot for commercial use fence is one of the top security choices.

The fence for a commercial parking area could be between four and twelve feet high , depending upon is required by the business owners. The heights that are most commonly used include 6 feet of chain link, and one foot of barbwire. The total is seven feet. The installation of commercial fencing involves four elements.

Corner posts: They can be found at the corners or the end of the chain-link fence. They’re 36 inches long and anchor to concrete. They aid in keeping the commercial fence safe and sturdy.

Concrete Line Posts post anchors the posts to the soil using concrete. They’re approximately 10 feet apart and extend for 24 inches in the soil.
High rails: Wire ties secure the top rail that is made from pipe and attached to rail fabric to provide more stability.
Chain-Link Fabric: 9-gauge wire is spun into two inch diamonds on chain-link material.

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