Pro Torque Tools Meets Customer Demand with Introduction of New Inventory

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Atlanta, GA – November 14, 2013 – Pro Torque Tools has been providing torque-related tools to the industrial community for four years, serving a worldwide customer base. This month, the company proudly announced its decision to add new multipliers to its inventory, thereby completing its line of PTT Planetary Gear Torque Multipliers.

The company’s site explains the value of the new multipliers, noting, “Anywhere there’s a high torque, confined space situation, a torque multiplier should be close at hand. Not only will a torque multiplier help make sure your fasteners are properly tightened, but it will help improve worker efficiency — two things which add up to an increase in productivity.” Intended to make tough turning jobs in confined spaces simpler, the new torque multipliers range from 2000 Nm- 1,476 feet to 20,000 Nm, 14,760 ft. lbs.

The site goes on to explain, “Through a relatively simple arrangement of gears, a torque multiplier is needed when a prescribed amount of torque must be applied to threaded fasteners having a diameter of one inch or more, and/or when fasteners must be accurately tightened in a workspace which precludes the use of a torque wrench with a long arm length.”

Four new multipliers were added to the company’s inventory:

  • PTTM – 20W – This small tool has a 16:1 ratio for applications of up to 1,476 feet.
  • PTTM – 100W – Generating massive output torque with minimal input force, this tool boasts a 36:1 ratio and a maximum output of 7,380 foot lbs.
  • PTTM – 150W – At a 61:1 ratio and maximum output of over 11,000 foot lbs, this tool is designed for large scale use.
  • PTTM – 200W – The largest multiplier in Pro Torque Tools’ warehouse has a 67:1 ratio with a maximum output of 14,760 foot pounds.

The completion of the Planetary Gear line of torque multipliers is a cause for celebration at Pro Torque Tools, where customers can now find solutions for any high torque problem.

Pro Torque Tools is located in Atlanta, GA at 1123 Zonolite Road, Suite 3. For more information about the company and its newly completed line of multipliers, visit or call (404) 990-3925.

Company Name: Pro Torque Tools
Contact Name: Andrea Davidson
Phone Number (404) 990-3925
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