Safety Ratings Were Not Made For Women or Children – Andre Blog

then men? The majority of women have children to travel with in their car. When choosing a vehicle for your family, security is an important consideration. Making sure your family’s safety is top priority. That’s why a majority of families opt to buy a vehicle with a high safety rating. But, the safety ratings do not give exact information about safety for women and children. In this video, you can learn why.

Safety ratings are flawed due to the fact that they use only one test dummy. It isn’t an accurate representation of the entire population. In fact, the “female” dummy is just the male version. Therefore, the tests are only truly accurate for men of average age. The tests are not as reliable for females or children. This isn’t surprising since women and children are both at the highest risk of getting injured. The likelihood for women is higher to get hurt during an accident than men. It’s the reason you shouldn’t depend solely on safety rating.

Incorporate safety ratings as well as thorough analysis of the car’s history. It’s essential to learn about any issues or accidents which have happened to the car. In particular could it need a brake replacement on auto in the near future. You should avoid this vehicle if are thinking so.


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