The Basics to Drywall Installation – Rad Center

You can connect two ends of an drywall panel -the tapered end and the butt. The tapered ends are used to join two pieces of wallboard. It makes a smooth, flat surface easy to cover with joint take and compound. Connecting butt ends requires greater effort. Fasteners Don’t go into the hardware store to purchase the first box of fasteners for drywall. There are two types of screws you can choose from. It is possible to use both types of screw in a different frame.

The ones with fine threads are used in the manufacture of metal studs. While they’re used in typical home, they’re not common. You should instead use screws that have a wider thread. They work best with wood frames. Whatever the kind of frame, the screws need to measure 1.5 times larger than wall’s thickness.

Cutting Tools It is possible to use the utility knife or the rotating blade to cut the drywall. It’s the most convenient method. However, make sure you possess the proper safety equipment before using the device.

The utility knife also allows fast cuts. It is possible of you digging through the paper , and then through the powder. Avoid doing this.


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