Insane Lambo Crash Going About 200 mph – Fast Car Video Clips

It’s difficult to accomplish this safely. Risks are high when the crash of a car that is expensive. Some people have the opportunity to race cars on closed tracks. However, there also remains one unique option. The Autobahn in Europe is one of the largest highways in the world. It was built back when it was used by the military for vehicles to easily be transported. Now, however, it’s open to everyone. The speed limit on the leftmost lanes is quite extreme. Supercars shine here. This video shows how one Lamborghini driver took it too far.

The dashboard shows the Lambo’s speedometer , which can be clearly seen on the film. The car roars as the speedometer’s needle moves erratically towards toward the left side of the speedometer. The occupants have fun. But, all of this is quickly changed when they crash into a pothole , and then begin to lose control. Car crashes into ditch and is totaled. The situation requires greater assistance than roadside aid.


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