Storm Chaser Gets Dangerously Close to EF4 Tornado – Entertainment Videos

your house has been within the path of a tornado, then you’re lucky if all you need is roofing assistance. Strong tornadoes can carry the roof away, but larger tornadoes may take the entire structure. In this video you’ll witness a storm chaser get dangerously close to a powerful tornado.

In late May of 2016 a massive funnel emerged from the clouds over Kansas. The tornado formed a huge cone. The strongest tornadoes tend be the cone and wedge kinds. This tornado was capable of traveling over 200 miles an hour. This was far more powerful enough to throw debris away from any direction. According to one chaser, semi-trucks were broken and damaged and a bulldozer weighing 30,000 pounds was thrown over the trees, and huge ones were thrown hundreds of yards away. The damage was rated to be an EF4 tornado. It would be an EF5 tornado if it had damaged a home. This is because it is classified based on the damages it causes. The funnel that was destroyed was an enormous one, but it has not caused any deaths.


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