The Internet Has Increased the Reach and Power of News Releases

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Press releases include contact information and a short bit about an event or piece of news for the meida, which allows journalists to easily comment and report about businesses. In the past, companies had to submit news releases and hope some press took the bait, but nowadays, the Internet has allowed companies to have direct access to their audiences. However, this doesn’t mean that the press is dead and the middle man has been entirely cut out. After companies submit news releases, journalists still read them and ask for interviews or write articles on them. The difference is the connectivity, the efficiency and the medium.

In fact, an average journalist in America still reads about 10 press releases per day. Also, according to research, press releases are viewed an average of 275 times a week by other businesses in the Untied States, which is another example of the connectivity that the Internet facilitates. According to Top Rank, an Internet marketing blog, Google and Yahoo contain an abundance of press releases, which is evident from the fact that an estimated 65% of journalists use them to keep track of their daily news.

Despite the exponentially increased distribution of press releases, the art of writing them has not diminished. When you submit news releases, you still create a powerful marketing and branding tool used to gain customer trust in a particular product or service. If anything, the Internet has only made this art more crafty. You can also use a free press releases and news press releases tool you can use to craft better quality writing, so that when you submit news releases not only are they exposed to more people, but more journalists will take that bite. According to Web Marketing Today, “there are tools to help you write a headline and format the release, traditional press release sites with free and premium services, social media release sites, and tools to help you manage your press release campaign.”

Indeed, the Internet has changed the terrain of journalism. When you submit news releases, it has amplified their reach and power. If you have any questions about how to submit news releases, feel free to ask in the comments!

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