You Cant Get Much Closer to a Tornado Than This! – Entertainment News Today

to a tornado. They become slick, and stuck in. They can also be blocked by power lines or branches. Heavy rain may make it almost impossible to spot. Tornadoes pose dangers too. They are dangerous to anyone except experienced storm chasers. They can cause damage to vehicles and blast transformers in order to raise homes off their foundations. Take shelter immediately you hear the tornado warning sound. There is no need to fret about injuries and get in touch with an expert local to repair your roof once everything has calmed down. Storm chasers have been scheming the death penalty by being closer to deadly vortex areas. This video showcases two storm chasers coming extremely close to tornadoes.

The video begins with a weakly covered tornado crossing roads in front of chasers. Numerous vortexes are visible spinning within the primary vortex. They follow the tornado as it picks up dirt and other particles. At one point, it is possible to see power flashes when it tears apart power lines by dazzling flashes of illumination.


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