DIY Custom Home Décor Ideas – DIY Home Decor Ideas

Diy custom home décor ideas Before being covered with microcement.
Display Art Projects

Since it adds personality and character to any space and is an integral part of DIY home decor. An art gallery wall with your framed art is a great opportunity to showcase your art work. Pick frames from a thrift shop and paint one-half of them with gray. Create your mats, then lay everything out on the ground to make sure it’s all set, then take a picture for show the reference on the wall.

Another way to display art camps is to make a propped floating frame collage. This method employs floating frames that are black and white frames. The floating frames that are in the middle create an exhibit with a an airy, clean appearance. This prevents the exhibit from becoming too busy. This method also lets the display to mix sentimental objects as well as things that are interesting to see like family photographs.

Washi tape is a great way for decorating your kids’ or the office’s walls with artwork. Utilize it to bring aesthetic interest to the space as well as increase its value. Prop up your artwork with a music stand, or set it up inside a frame that is simple and standalone, such as regular picture frames for family pictures, in order to add a touch of elegance to the decor. Additionally, utilize a stand for your cookbooks or a book stand to show off the artwork, or put it on a bulletin board. Whichever you prefer, make sure that the display showcases the artwork creatively.

Polish concrete floors

Concrete polishing refers to treating concrete with chemical dissolvers, and then turning it over time into an even finer texture by using grinding tools. Smoothing requires 10 stages. Each step requires grinding to achieve desired gloss and smoothness.

Two major ways of polishing concrete include the Dry Polish Method, which gives a high gloss shine to the concrete floor. It also uses water between stages in order to reduce dust. On the other hand The Wet Polish Method requires water at every


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