Free Press Releases Help with Search Engine Optimization

Free news release

Why are press releases important? Press releases help to generate buzz and awareness about topics. If you are a business, you want this buzz about your products or services, since it will likely lead to more people visiting you and your website. Here are three things you should keep in mind about free press releases.

1. Useful for SEO

Press releases can be an important component of your SEO campaign. Press releases give more content for search engine spiders to find, help increase the number of backlinks from other websites to your site, and can be written to include important keywords so that you can rank higher in searches. Studies also show that 64% of journalists use search engines like Google to find topics worth covering. Press releases give your company a chance to get talked about in even bigger circles.

2. The Option of a Video News Release

What is a video news release? This is when, instead of releasing an article, you release an informative video about updates to your company. Did you know that over 50% of consumers will take further action after watching an online news video? Use quality visuals, soundtracks, and humor in order to keep users engaged. What is a video news release ideal length? Studies found that videos 30 seconds long experienced a 90% completion rate, but for two minutes, that rate drops to 50%. In most cases, a video shorter than two minutes is most ideal.

3. Tips for Publishing

Now that you have an article or video to share, where does it go? There are many websites that offer news release services. Some are sites you pay for, while others are free. Sites you pay for often reach larger audiences, but this can also be accomplished by just submitting to multiple free sites instead. We also recommend looking for industry specific news sites to submit your piece to. A video about a furniture company is more likely to get hits on a furniture news site than a site that posts about everything.

Have additional tips for creating great press releases? Let us know in the comments!

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