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Inbow Bridge inbow Bridge is considered to be the most natural bridge anywhere in the world. The bridge can only be visited by boat and on a tour along with a brief hike up from Navajo Mountain. The bridge is believed to be sacred by neighboring tribes, and visitors are advised to respect the sacredness of the bridge. If you want to explore more of this area of the Glen Canyon and to rent boats, think about leasing one.

Antelope Canyon: This is one of the most beautiful canyons that developed when water cut the crevasses of the rock with the course of time. There are two distinct sections of the Canyon two sections: one higher and one lower. They began to form years ago as rainwater flowed through the rocks at a higher altitude. One difference that is shared between lower and upper Antelope Canyon is the shape and size in the canyon. Antelope Canyon’s Upper Canyon is narrower towards the topand features a wider opening on its bottom. The majority of visitors snap photos of the beautiful view after they’ve visited Antelope Canyon. The lower Canyon is, on the other the other hand, has a wider opening towards the top, as well as narrower canyon floors, which permits more sunlight to enter from the top.

The higher Antelope Canyon is thought to be simple to travel through because of its wide top, however it’s darker than the lower Antelope Canyon. The famous light beams are an eye-catching sight when you are looking to capture stunning images. This part of the Lower Antelope Canyon is more costly than those in the Lower Antelope Canyon because tours are rushed. Lower Antelope Canyon is smaller and has less people and features fewer staircases. Visitors can enjoy the changes in light and color as a result of the bigger open space on the upper, you may not experience light beams apart from the tiny and faint ones. When you’ve been to the location, it’s easy to photograph its unique appearance and color.

How can I get there? Horseshoe Bend?

Driving your car is the most efficient way for getting to Horseshoe Bend. Visit a garage to have the car tuned on your vehicle , which will improve its performance. The business you lease an automobile from will depend on the time of your visit. Local outfits may offer better deals on occasion.


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